Badger Beers

Wicked Wyvern IPA (5% ABV, can)
Bright amber colour with a slight off-white head and good steady carbonation. On the aroma, there’s resinous hops and citrus notes, but quite subdued, not too zesty, and some sweetness coming through. On the palate, orange and grapefruit citrus flavours to the fore, with subtle herbal and spicy notes, and good biscuit maltiness. The body is good and there’s a nice balance. For me, it could do with a little more hop assertiveness, but it is a decent British IPA, very drinkable and quite moreish. There’s a decent bitterness on the finish, but again I could have done with a bigger ‘kick’. Glad I’ve got more than one can of it, though. (2018)

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