Bad Co Brewing and Distilling

Comfortably NumbDazed and ConfusedLove Over GoldWild Gravity

Comfortably Numb (3.8% ABV, bottle)
Bad Co beersA fruitbowl of a bottled beer with lovely flavours, although the body’s a bit thin. Bright, deep golden with lots of carbonation, on the nose there is mango and some bready malt. On the palate, more of a grapefruit edge comes through. The carbonation pushes the zingy citrus flavours over the palate well. The finish is zesty and quite tart. (05-09-2016)

Dazed and Confused (5.5% ABV, bottle)
Black with a faint red tinge and a deep beige head that dies down quite quickly, there’s smoke, leather and hints of almond on the nose. The taste is rich cherry with hints of blueberry. There is a creamy body with a hint of lactose. A pretty complex beer which slowly grows on one. (05-09-2016)

Love Over Gold (4.1% ABV, bottle)
Light golden, with a thick white head, this nicely done bitter has a gentle aroma of grapefruit an resinous hops. Apricot and resin are on the palate, with light, bready malt sweetness balancing. (05-09-2016)

Wild Gravity (5.2% ABV, bottle)
This is a really nice, hoppy, yet well balanced IPA, sparkling light amber with a thick white head. The aroma is spicy and piney, with orange pith an wild honey. On the palate, these flavours build to a bitter finish, with good balcning bready malt. (05-09-2016)

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