Northern Powerhouse… My A*se! is the first brew from Republic of Liverpool Beer Company and it’s available now at a number of pubs across Merseyside.

The hoppy 4.4% ABV brew is the first in a series of ‘rebel beers’ set to hit the region over the coming months. 

The new beer was revealed at a special event in Liverpool’s Ship & Mitre pub, where regulars and invited guests were given the first opportunity to taste the flagship ale. 

Tony Rothwell, director of the Republic of Liverpool Beer Company, said: “The Northern Powerhouse is just one of the projects that was supposed to benefit us in Liverpool which, thanks to Brexit, now seems to be more of a pipe dream. 

“We’re interested in how Westminster politics affects our city and we know that discussing politics is more fun and most passionate over a pint or two. 

“That’s where the idea of Republic of Liverpool Beer Company came from and I think our first beer, ‘Northern Powerhouse… My A*se!, sums up our message perfectly.” 

Bottles of the new beer are being sent to Lord Neill, the former Treasury Minister and champion of the Northern Powerhouse, and to the former Chancellor George Osborne, who initially came up with the idea. 

The new ale is available now in ten pubs and bars across Merseyside.

And there’s more to come, with a new hand-crafted rebel beer already in the pipeline, along with a range of t-shirts on sale at their website for Scousers to show their support for the Republic of Liverpool.

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