Cornish cyder maker Healeys is launching a new lower-alcohol can format into Tesco. The pack — containing six 330ml cans — aims to add an element of convenience for the 12 million cider drinkers across the UK.

But at 4.8% ABV — as opposed to the original 6% — the drink is more sessionable.

The new format complements the current range of 500ml individual bottles, eight packs of 330ml and draught, offering a ‘Rattler for all occasions’. Being lightweight and easily stackable, it’s also the perfect solution when glass may be an issue. Cans makes this an ‘on-the- go’ cyder.

Rattler is one of the fastest growing independent cyder brands in Cornwall, with its 500ml bottle available nationally. It was created by brothers Sam and Joe Healey, and named after the feisty Cornish Rattler apple, delivering biting refreshiment.

Joe, who is commercial director at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, said: “It’s really exciting to now have Rattler available in can format. We have a unique brand with a strong fan following, especially in the South West, so we are expecting a great response.

“We identified a gap for on-the-go Rattler drinking occasions, such as festivals and socialising with friends, whilst recognising that some of our fans were looking for a lower-alcohol cyder in a smaller format. Rattler Original 6% will always be a popular choice, however, the new lower-alcohol cans provide a key point of difference in the range.”