Somerset’s Quantock Brewery is launching a new series of single-hopped pale ales for 2021 under the name ‘Obsessed With…’.

The Quantock Brewery brew crew. Left to right: Rhys Ford, trainee brewer; James Higgins, brewhouse manager; and Dan Enticott, brewer

The series will feature 12 limited edition beers — one each month — which will see the Quantock Brewery signature house pale malt base and a natural yeast flavoured with frequently used favourites as well as new and exciting hop varieties.

Brewery managing director and co-founder, Cheryl Ford, said: “In 2019, we launched our popular Round the World series. In 2020, our series focused on the Past, Present and Future.

“2021 is all about celebrating the hop — the critical ingredient giving beers their distinct flavour and finish. Showcasing hops from Amarillo and Bru-1 to Citra and Mosaic, we can’t wait to share our new ‘Obsessed with…’ series with you.”

The first three beers

Obsessed with… Amarillo (4.5% ABV): Available now, this is the first single-hopped beer the brew crew have made, and they chose Amarillo as it’s one of the team’s favourite hops. You can expect a clean and balanced beer with ample amounts of orange, stone fruits, and grapefruit from the hop, resulting in a very moreish finish.

Obsessed with… Bru-1 (4.5% ABV): Released in February, this beer will be the first using this hotly sought-after hop. Look forward to a clean, refreshingly drinkable beer, designed to allow the hop to shine through to give massive notes of pineapple, apple, and freshly cut grass.

Obsessed with… Mystic (4.5% ABV): Released in March, this English hop is a firm favourite with both the sales and brewing team. Expect notes of blackcurrant, orange, and passion fruit.

The beers will be available on the Quantock Brewery webshop.


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