Purity Brewing Company has launched a membership scheme for its loyal followers, providing discounts, exclusive product offers and invitations to special brewery events.

Purity Brewery PuritanIn the nine years since Purity started brewing its award-winning beers, it has developed a passionate fan base. Now, the Puritan Membership Scheme will allow the brewery’s fans to become ‘Puritans’, members of a very special club which rewards them for their loyalty to the brand.

Paul Halsey, managing of Purity Brewing Company, said: “The Purity faithful have become advocates for a brand which is based on the principles of Pure Eco, Pure Quality and Pure Ingredients, and the growth of the business could not have been achieved without them.

“Being a Puritan is about being part of a group of like-minded people who want to celebrate the finer things in life. Good beer, top food, ace music and the great outdoors are in the heart of every Puritan.

“The people who have made this company great are the people who have supported us since we started all those years ago. At that time, Jim and I brewed the beer, sold it and delivered it all by ourselves. Back then we had the vision of an ethically and environmentally aware company, which produced great beer with no prejudice and without compromise.”

Today, Purity employs 29 staff and remains true to those founding principles which have seen the brewery become a household name in the Midlands while gaining national recognition year on year.

Paul added: “This is our way of saying thank you to all those who have supported us throughout the years.”

To help launch the Puritan Scheme, the brewery will be selecting five honorary Puritans who will get free membership for one year. These members will be selected via Facebook and Twitter and will be announced in March. These faithful followers will be heralded as Chief Puritans and help fly the Purity flag far and wide.

The Puritan Scheme can be joined online at www.puritybrewing.com — membership costs £50 per year and entitles the member to an exclusive invitation to a Puritan only event at the brewery, an exclusive Puritan T-shirt, a mixed case of Purity beers and, most importantly, a 10% discount on purchases at the brewery shop in Great Alne and online.

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