Fiona Dickie

The re-opening of pubs will present their owning businesses with a further test of how fairly they treat tied tenants, says the Pubs Code Adjudicator.

Fiona Dickie (pictured) said she would be looking closely at how these businesses adapt their approaches in the ‘new normal’. Her focus will include how they respond to their code obligations in dealing with tenants’ Covid-related debts, and the impact on tied rents set on the basis of pre-Covid assumptions and expectations.

She said: “I will also continue to press those pub-owning businesses to act fairly when offering further support to their tied tenants, even as the Covid emergency restrictions are gradually loosened. This includes in Wales, where re-opening has not yet been announced.

“My message to date to tenants whose pub-owning businesses have not published a transparent methodology for their support has been clear — if they do not believe they are receiving fair and open support, they should take their concerns direct to their company’s code compliance officer. I will receive prompt reports from those pub-owning businesses about any unsatisfied complaints.

“I will be saying more about Pubs Code rights as the measures covered in the formal declaration signed by each pub-owning business end on 30 June.”

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