The Forum of Private Business has welcomed an announcement by Paul Newby, the pub code adjudicator, following the publication of his first Compliance Report, that he is to put pressure on pub companies to adhere more fully to the Pub Code.

In engaging tenant landlords in a detailed questionnaire, it is hoped that he will learn directly from the tied pub landlords themselves which pubcos are not respecting their obligations under the market rent only option, and what unfair practices the pubcos are using.

Ian Cass, chief executive of the forum, said: “We have been working closely with both Paul Newby and the government to ensure that tied tenant landlords are treated fairly by the pubcos.

“There is clear evidence of many being either driven out of their pubs, or alternatively being forced to accept uncompetitive terms of trade.

“This move by the adjudicator shows that he is serious about addressing the pubcos’ malpractice and we fully support his actions.”

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