Devon-based Powderkeg Beer has launched the memorably-named 6ixes and 7evens, a West Coast amber ale.

The name refers to the precise mix of six malts and seven hops that go into building the complex layers of flavour in what is a big and bold beer.

Powderkeg 6ixes 7evensIt also reflects Powderkeg’s typically playful plan to brew something that is in no way sensible, only loosely categorisable and designed to leave the drinker somewhat discombobulated.

The six malts used, including rye malt from Germany and Chateau Special B from Belgium, create a fulsome, mouth-filling body and a beautiful, rich amber colour.  The hops, all sourced from the west coast of the USA, combine to bring a bold edge of citrus and spice to the flavour and aroma.

Head brewer, John Magill, said: “After a summer that never was, we want to make the most of autumn this year and 6ixes and 7evens is the beer I want to be drinking.

“The colour of a turning leaf, with warming alcohol and spicy notes, it’s a beer that relaxes the rules and brings some much-needed folly. It has a touch of barely-tamed chaos about it — the only certainties will be what you’re going back to the bar for, and that there is always happiness in beer.”

6ixes and 7evens was first brewed as a special in 2016 and went down a storm. John said: “We had so many requests to brew it again, and who are we to deny everybody? We have slightly tweaked the recipe from last year, lightening the colour a touch, replacing some of the sweeter malt with the more spicy rye, and turning up the hops a bit more.

“We always think of our beers as work in progress — we’re perpetual tweakers, always searching for improvements. But that’s what being a craft brewer is all about for me. We never like to say ‘it’ll do’ — it’s always ‘can it be even better?'”