Chris Pollard — AKA Belgian beer expert Podge — has announced dates for his next series of tours over the Channel.

There will be a Beer and Battlefields Anniversary Tour, from March 16-21, but there are just two or three rooms left now.

Belgian beerThen, from May 3-8, there is Belgian Beer from the Wood. Podge says: “This tour is based at the excellent four-star Hotel Keizershof, in the beery city of Aalst, where we will explore old Flemish reds and browns, lambic beers and barrel-aged beers.

“This tour will include a day experiencing the fourth biennial Rondje Roodbruin, a one-day tour around the traditional breweries producing the world-renowned Flemish red-brown beers. We have lined up lots of new breweries and cafés.”

Tours later in the year include:

Tour 93, Beer on the Waterfront, August 2-7

Tour 94, Beer and Battlefields Armistice Tour, October 30-November 4

Tour 95, Christmas in Antwerp, December 22-27.

To find out more about Podge’s tours, visit his excellent and very informative website

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