Play Brew, based in Middlesbrough, has succeeded in raising more than £100,000 of a £140,000 target in a Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign, just two days in.

Founder Phil Layton wants to build his year-old brand into, potentially, a global force, utilsiing branding based in 80s gaming nostalgia.

In his pitch, Phil says: “To date, we have produced approximately 5,500 cans, and our beers have been sold in 33 outlets. We have built a respectable following on Instagram (9,280), Twitter (2,100) and Facebook (670).

“We want to be the first to open a brewery and taproom in our local area, providing our community with a place to drink and socialise while also providing outlets in the vicinity with fresh local craft beers for retail.”

• To find out more about the crowdfunding campaign, click here


Phil Layton Play Brew

Play Brew founder, Phil Layton

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