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Declaration of interest: I work for the Star Inn, which is the Penzance Brewing Co tap, in Crowlas, just outside Penzance. I’ll try not to be biased! Well, not too much …

Zythos Pale (5.3% ABV, cask)
“Why is it called Zythos?” is the question I get asked most about this beer, second only to how to pronounce it. We’ve gone with zie-thoss. It’s the Greek name for beer, but also the name of the main hop in the brew, a proprietory American variety created with IPAs and (in this case) strong pale ales in mind. Clear and bright golden, with a white head, the inviting aroma is herbal and spicy. Blood orange, pineapple, and lemon pith lead the charge of fruit flavours, with a minty edge and biscuit malt sweetness. High ABV, but splendidly well balanced. A new kid on the block, but fast becoming a tap favourite.
Buy: It’s available on draught only, mainly at the Star, but also at a select handful of pubs, including Beerwolf, in Falmouth.
(22nd September 2019)

Zythos Pale

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