Pellicle Magazine, the independent publication celebrating the joys of beer, wine and cider, has launched its first series of podcasts.

The series features eight hour-long episodes, weaving together interviews, debates, and spoken word versions of some of the most popular stories from, edited together into a magazine-show format.

Some of the first guests to feature on the Pellicle Podcast are: Roger Ryman, of Cornwall’s St Austell Brewery; Jimmy Hatherley, of Unity Brewing Co, in Southampton; Katie Marriot, of Nomadic Beer, in Leeds; Miranda Hudson, of Norfolk’s Duration Brewing; and Trevor Gulliver, co-founder of London’s storied St John Restaurant.

The Podcast can be streamed directly from popular sites such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Deezer, Stitcher, and Pocket Casts. It can also be listened to and downloaded directly from Pellicle’s own website.

Pellicle co-founder, Matthew Curtis — who is also host and producer of the show — said: “Series one is definitely us finding our feet so to speak, as we extend ourselves from being just a website and into the world of audio. Our hope is that the show adds something a little different to the diverse and exciting world of beer podcasts that are out there already.”

Pellicle is an independent online magazine established in May 2019 by beer writer Matthew Curtis and brewer Jonny Hamilton (pictured). The publication is 100% consumer focused and aims to celebrate the joy found within the cultures of beer, wine and cider, along with the great food and travel that so often accompanies them. Following the launch of it’s podcast, Pellicle plans to launch its first print magazine later in 2020.

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