A Cohiba cigar-smoked imperial stout brewed using the world’s biggest bong and a 10% Pale Ale made specifically to be drunk in the shower are just two of seven unique beers from Sweden’s Pang Pang brewery available during its tap takeover at BrewDog Manchester this week.

Pouring from Friday (December 15), Pang Pang — which translates as Bang Bang — will have a seven-strong range of its thought-provoking brews available for the first time in the city.

Founder and brewer Fredrik Tunedal (pictured) said: “For me, Brewdog is the Zlatan Ibrahimović of the craft beer world, so it’s great to have our beers flowing from their taps in Manchester, a city where the big man has made a huge impression.

“In their respective fields, they didn’t just raise the bar, they re-wrote the rule book, caused chaos and changed things forever. We’re hoping to do the same, so for me BrewDog Manchester is the perfect place to unleash our beers.”

Some of the beers on show (brewer’s notes)

Tiki-Tango (4.5% ABV)
The entry gate to Pang Pang beers. A single-hopped Simcoe pale ale. Light, fresh and delicious, with a wonderful aromatic nose of melon and peaches.

Flamingo-go IPA (6%)
A vibrant mango-nosed beauty. A sessionable IPA without punching too hard on the hops, it’s balanced nicely, with plenty of tropical fruits and a tangy bitter finish.

Golden Glock Fruit IPA (6%)
A crazy IPA containing “every fruit you can name in five minutes”. All bunged into the fermenter and left there until it’s ready.

Gaffa Grey IPA (5.8%) 
An IPA brewed with Earl Grey tea, and just enough roasted malts to support the tea, without interfering with the flavours and aromas of the hops. Gaffa is brewed with quite a lot of bergamot juice and zest, which gives it a refreshing acidity.

Prepper Double IPA (8%)
This hoppy Citra IPA is all you need to get through the apocalypse. This, and duct tape, a Ruger 10/22, paracord, loose morals, a tight relationship with Bear Grylls, a Cessna 172, and a remote cabin.

Shower Beer (10%)
With a reputation for pushing brewing boundaries, Pang Pang hit global fame after brewing this 10% double pale ale made specifically made to be enjoyed in the shower.

Bong Water (11%)
A Cohiba cigar infused fat and oily imperial stout, Bong Water is made by turning the 1,000 litre fermenter into a large bong and smoking cigars through the beer to impart the flavour of fine tobacco.

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