Oakham Ales has been named brewery of the year in the new 2020 edition of The Good Pub Guide.

The brewery has taken the accolade three times in the last 19 years.

Guide editor, Fiona Stapley, said: “We have thousands of readers on our database who send us regular reports and letters, and thoughts about pubs and beers in general, as well as specific details on pubs they visit.

“I always keep a careful check on reports over the year to see what highlights stand out. And Oakham Ales have come in for particular praise, for their regular beers as well as their seasonal ones. And they love the Brewery Tap in Peterborough, of course.

“Oakham Ales’ prices are fair, their award-winning beers are excellent as well as interesting, and they are constantly coming up with new ideas, rather than just sticking to what they know and branching out to reach new areas. Their innovation and enthusiasm for the company really stands out. So we feel this is a well deserved accolade.”

Oakham Ales managing director, Adrian Posnett, said: “It’s a fantastic award from one of the best-known publications in the industry, and reflects the hard work of the team and commitment to our customers. This is proving to be a very special year, with more awards for our beers, expansion plans well under way, and now this.”

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