Nomadic Beers is to open the doors of its virtual taproom on Christmas Day, inviting people to celebrate the festive season with others, on what will likely be an especially difficult day for many.

The brewery’s Katie Marriott and Mike Hampshire (pictured) will be hosting two online sessions. For the first session, running from 12:30pm until 2:30pm, people can come and have Christmas dinner with Katie and Mike. Later in the day, from 7pm onwards, they will be back again for a Christmas evening party.

“I love what comedian Sarah Millican has created with her #JoinIn Twitter campaign that happens every year,” said brewery owner Katie. “With the pandemic and ongoing restrictions, so many people may feel lonely or want to do something a bit different on Christmas Day, so we’ve decided to open up the doors to our virtual taproom and everyone is welcome to join.”

Nomadic Beers has been operating a weekly online virtual taproom since the first nationwide lockdown in March, and people are able to join in from their mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

“We’ve done some one-off events in our virtual taproom, such as beer launches and meet the brewers, as well as simple online gatherings where people can just have a natter,” said Mike, who looks after Nomadic’s brewery taproom, which is currently closed due to restrictions.

“We thought it would be nice to do something on Christmas Day, too. Whether you are drinking beer, wine, or alcohol-free, in your pyjamas or cocktail dress, the idea behind the virtual taproom is just to be a nice space for people to come and spend some time with others.”

The sessions are free to join, and people are welcome to pop in and out as they please while the virtual taproom is open, just like a normal bar. Aside from Christmas Day, people can join in Nomadic Beers’ Virtual Taproom every Saturday from

Details on how to join can be found at


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