Musician and campaigner Nick Mulvey talked about Keynvor, the ocean plastic vinyl project he is involved in with Sharp’s Brewery and Surfers Against Sewage when he appeared on Later … with Jools Holland.

Nick was featured discussing his new single, In the Anthropocene, which is inspired by Cornwall and has been pressed onto the UK’s first and only ocean vinyl, made entirely from plastic that has washed up on Cornish beaches.

The project is a first-of-its-kind and is seeing music sales and stream proceeds go to Surfers Against Sewage, who help protect coastlines from plastic pollution and reduce single use plastics.

Nick said: “Lyrically, the song explores themes of responsibility and freedom in this time of urgent ecological and social crisis (and opportunity), AKA ‘the Anthropocene’.

“Earlier this year, I was approached by a brewery in Cornwall and they had this amazing idea, to take the plastic that they themselves had been collecting from beaches near where they work and turn it into vinyls that can be played. They asked me if I would create a song for this project.

“It’s quite a special thing really. It’s 100% recycled plastic and it’s all reclaimed from Cornish beaches. The message of the song is completely encapsulated in this physical object. It’s all an exploration into what’s possible. Can we turn our waste materials into something that can be beautiful and functional?”

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