Oakham Ales is launching three new beers: Best Friend, a 4.2% ABV session IPA, Thrill Seeker (4.8%), a New World pale ale, and Alpha Inception (6%), a West Coast IPA.

Marketing manager, Juta Hydzik, hopes the latest additions to the range — which will be in cans — would appeal to a wholenew section of the market.

She said: “A lot of research and development has gone into these drinks and their presentation. As part of the research we used the eye tracking technology from our friends at the Anglia Ruskin University.

“Best Friend is a pale gold beer made from two hops that we think work amazingly together. We believe Simcoe and Cascade are best friends. It’s packed with tropical fruit flavours, which the pineapple yellow packaging really expresses.


‘Out-of-this-world tastes’


“The cosmic-themed design of the Thrill Seeker shows the lengths Oakham is willing to go to for new and exciting out-of-this-world tastes, using beautiful hops form New Zealand and Australia.

“Alpha Inception, in a standout sunset orange can, is made from five different hop varieties from the West Coast of the USA, including Citra. It’s a great blend with a really distinctive, attractive taste.”

It is not just the drinks and their branding that is new — Oakham’s new beers are being made in the new whirlpool copper.

“This makes a huge difference to how we make our beer,” said Juta. “Only the hop pellets get used here, combining to create some explosive, exciting flavours. In every way, this is an exciting new era for Oakham.

“Consumer feedback is vital for us so we can’t wait to hear what they make of the new brews. We’ve chosen great products, presented them in a lively way, so we hope consumers old and new will like the new beers — and the cans — as much as we do.”

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