The Cheshire-based Mobberley Brewhouse is launching a range of experimental beers that will be limited editions, packaged in an iconic pen and ink design.

The White Label project is an opportunity for the brewer to flex its creative muscles with a range of seasonal, experimental and exclusive beers. After the successful launch of its keg and can range in 2017, the brewery will use this range to innovate, break boundaries and grow.

The range launches with two beers: Batch 1,000, a 10% ABV imperial IPA to celebrate the brewery’s 1,000th brew; and Save The Date, a double dry-hopped 5.8% IPA.

There will be a new White Label beer released at least every eight weeks, but with production being kept to a minimum, customers will need to try the beers quickly before they are gone.

Brewing skills

Head brewer, James Roberts, said: “The motivation for launching this limited-edition range is to build on our brewing skills and use these short-run beers for exploration and innovation.

“Our brewing style is constantly evolving as we play around with different techniques and ingredients. This smaller-scale brewing will mean we can trial many more techniques to vary the flavour, strength and texture of our beers.

“Take Batch 1,000, for example — brewing a 10% strength beer brought with it lots of challenges, and has been a great experiment on how to balance strength with flavour.”

The Mobberley Brewhouse is currently rated as being in the top 50 breweries for its keg and can offering. Cask beer still forms the bulk of its business, but it predict seeing keg and can accounting for 70% of production by 2019.

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