Meantime Brewing Company is joining forces with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co to brew a beer that will benefit victims of the Californian wild fires.

The London brewer will craft Sierra Nevada’s Resilience Butte County Proud IPA, with 100% of the proceeds of the beer going the Camp Fire Relief Fund. The fund was set up to help victims of the fire that killed at least 85 people, destroying more than 13,000 homes and burning across 153,000 acres of California last month.

The global craft brewing industry has come together in support of the fund, with more than 1,000 breweries in the USA alone participating in the initiative.

Brewed at the Greenwich brewery, the IPA will be pouring at Meantime’s brewery tap, The Tastings Rooms, from January 11, while stocks last.

Ciaran Giblin, brewmaster at Meantime Brewing Company, said: “Sierra Nevada sent out a ‘bat signal’, calling on the global brewing community for support, and we’re happy to be able to help in any way we can.

“Our small-batch Pilot Brewery means we’re able to brew innovative limited-edition beers, and the best part is that it allows us to get involved with great causes such as this. The Resilience Butte County IPA is a classic IPA with caramel notes and lots of citrusy hops.”

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