Marston’s has furthered its partnership with Edenhouse Solutions as it looks to drive continued innovation across key business areas.

Marston’s first installed systems, applications and products (SAP) technology ten years ago, with Edenhouse acting as its SAP support partner since 2011.

The two are now strengthening their relationship to identify where and how Marston’s can leverage new technology to better serve its customers.

Solution architects at Edenhouse have been drawing out a roadmap with Marston’s to pinpoint which business areas are ripe for transformation. These include warehouse management, analytics, and distribution, as well as Marston’s finance operations, which are currently run on SAP software.

Following completion of the roadmap project, Marston’s will be perfectly placed to make the next step in its digital journey, with advanced capabilities such as real-time insight on data, and a personalised, responsive user experience.

Phil Court, head of tech delivery at Marston’s, said: “With such a large and diverse customer network, it’s essential that we continue to innovate in order to keep up with their demands.

“We value our SAP partner as much as our investment in the tech itself — uniting our industry expertise with Edenhouse’s knowledge of the software is a winning combination. The roadmap we’ve been building together is helping us to clearly understand how operations are running and where we can drive efficiencies.”

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