Purity Brewing Co is toasting international success again, picking up a trophy at this year’s International Brewing Awards luncheon, held at the Guildhall in London.

Director of brewing, Flo Vialan, attended the ceremony expecting to collect a gold medal for Longhorn IPA and bronze for Saddle Black, won earlier in the year. But there was a pleasant surprise to come.

Purity’s founder and chief executive, Paul Halsey, said: “Wow! What an unbelievable way to start the summer. We’re absolutely delighted and extremely proud of this achievement, to be recognised on an international stage.

“Longhorn IPA is one of our most exciting beers, and to see this winning the overall keg ale competition is brilliant. Since we launched the beer, back in 2014, Longhorn has fast become a firm favourite, and we are incredibly proud of how it has become an established staple on bars across Warwickshire. Huge thanks to our Puritans for their continual support of our business and, of course, our beer!”

He added: “This is a real testament to Flo, our director of brewing, and the rest of the brew team. The skill and dedication they put into every pint of Purity is second to none, and we are all incredibly proud to see this recognised on an international stage and voted the best amongst some truly excellent competition and great beers.”

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