The Maine Beer Box in Leeds earlier this year


Fresh from the Leeds International Beer Festival, the Maine Beer Box has returned to Portland loaded with craft beer from British brewers.

The Beer Box will be the centerpiece of Saturday’s Maine Brewers’ Guild Winter Session International Beer Festival and give US craft beer lovers the opportunity to try brews from across the pond.

Guild executive director, Sean Sullivan, said: “We’re offloading the cargo from the UK and we have no intention of dumping it into the harbour. This beer is meant to be shared, and the representation of beer styles and UK breweries is great, from a classic British bitter to goses, stouts, porters, and pale ales.

“There’s great variety for attendees to sample at the event. We even have three British-brewed New England IPAs, which shows how influential our region has become on the global beer scene.”

Along with the Maine Beer Box, British brewers and a delegation of trade officials will be visiting Portland this week for collaborations, learning opportunities and networking opportunities aligned with Portland’s Beer Week.

Winter Session will complete the 2019 Maine Beer Box Global Brewers Trade with the United Kingdom, as Maine brewers travelled to Leeds in September.


Participating UK breweries


• Almasty Brewing Co

• BAD Co Brewing & Distilling

• Box Social Brewing

• Brass Castle Brewery

• Brew By Numbers

• Brew York Ltd

• Hawkshead Brewery

• Leeds Brewery

• Lost and Grounded Brewers

• McColl’s Brewery Ltd

• Mondo Brewing Company

• North Brewing Company

• Rooster’s Brewing Co.

• Saltaire Brewery

• The Cheshire Brewhouse

• The Five Points Brewing Company

• The Gipsy Hill Brewing Co

• Vocation Brewery


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