Lucky Saint, the 0.5% ABV unfiltered lager, is launching on draught nationwide in the wake of increased demand and a successful launch across London.

Lucky Saint Draught

It has announced a listing with City Pub Co, as well as several key drinks suppliers, to give customers and on-trade venues across the country access to the draught offering.

In January, Lucky Saint launched on draught in more than 50 venues across London, including Hippo Inns and Electric Star pubs. The latest listing, with City Pub Co, across the south of England, including the Lion and Lobster in Brighton, and Bristol’s King Street Brewhouse, is a pivotal part of Lucky Saint’s strategy.

During lockdown, Lucky Saint became the second biggest-selling alcohol-free lager on Amazon, and recently launched into 198 Majestic stores nationwide.

Company founder, Luke Boase, said: “Since our successful launch on draught in January, Lucky Saint and the no and low category have grown phenomenally.

“Since pubs re-opened after lockdown, we wanted to make sure we were meeting the consumer demand both on and off trade, so rolling out draught listings nationwide was the next step for us, especially with Sober October just around the corner.”


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