St Austell Brewery has brewed a one-off beer in support of Long Live the Local, the campaign to save the Great British pub.

David Cunningham, the campaign’s programme director, visited St Austell Brewery to help brew the Cornish Red IPA, aptly named Long Live the Local.

The beer will be used at events to campaign for petition signatures, calling on the government to relieve pubs of rising tax pressures at the upcoming budget. The IPA’s red hue is inspired by the Chancellor’s iconic red Budget box.

St Austell Brewery will also be sending Long Live the Local activation kits — including beer mats and posters — to 176 of its own pubs and 500 of its customers, to raise further awareness of the campaign.

Petition to cut beer tax

Cunningham said: “We’re grateful to St Austell Brewery for helping to amplify our message. Having our own great-tasting bottled beer will really help us to spread the word about our campaign and the petition to cut beer tax.

“Not only will the campaign’s success help local pubs, it’ll also benefit the wellbeing of the economy, job security, and, most importantly, communities. The reality is that pubs are struggling to make any profit in the current climate because one in three pounds spent in pubs currently goes to the taxman. This year, the government plans to increase beer duty again, applying even more pressure on local pubs.”

James Staughton, chief executive of St Austell Brewery, said: “We encourage everyone to support the Long Live the Local campaign. The pub industry creates jobs, encourages tourism, and, most importantly, provides places for people to gather and socialise. As an independent, regional brewery with our own pub estate, we’re keen to ensure that local pubs remain vibrant and successful — but rising costs are putting small businesses under strain.

“Pubs have been the heart and soul of British culture for generations. It’s vital that we do all we can to work with the government to safeguard their future.”

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