London mobile coolship


The London Beer Factory is to take to crowdfunding to build a mobile coolship, which will travel around the UK.

The aim is to capture the wild yeast and bacteria which are all around, with every beer a living record of the area the mobile coolship has visited.

Coolships are a traditional, flat, open-topped cooling vessel designed to cool down wort while also capturing micro-organisms — including yeast — in the air, allowing the spontaneous fermentation of beer.

In a statement, London Beer Factory said: “This wild yeas wort we capture will then be taken to The Barrel Project (our conditioning space and taproom) and transferred to French oak wine barrels where it will live for two to three years, undergoing a slow fermentation and souring process before being blended and bottled.

“Allowing the yeast years to chew through the complex sugars will create myriad flavours and aromas, and a unique exceptional beer.”

The crowdfunding is due to go live on October 15.

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