More pub operators — most recently Stonegate and Admiral — are promoting the Licensed Trade Charity’s helpline as part of their employee support packages for pub teams.

The charity’s free helpline provides advice to help pub and bar workers facing a tough time, and operators see this as useful, particularly when members of pub teams, or their families, are ill or off sick.

Suzanne Haydon, head of HR at Stonegate, said: “The free helpline and financial support programme offered by the Licensed Trade Charity is proving to be invaluable for us. We now have free practical guidance on important topics, such as coping with health issues, a helpline and financial support to tap into for any of our 13,000 employees.

“It makes it easier for us to look after our staff when they need it, which we believe fosters employee loyalty.  If an employee is off sick from work and needs additional help, whether that is advice or financial, we can use the Licensed Trade Charity as part of our support package.”

One of the benefits of using the charity’s support services is its 24-hour free helpline, which includes free counselling. Admiral’s head of people development, Suzanne Green, said: “Admiral sees the Licensed Trade Charity’s free helpline as a great addition to how we support pub teams. Their services provide a safety net if a member of staff can’t work and needs advice on money, financial support or someone to talk to.”


Last year the charity supported 260 people facing health problems, often helping them back into work or to keep a job. Tom, a bar supervisor, was diagnosed with a heart condition and off work for a few months after an operation. This meant statutory sick pay, which wasn’t enough. The Licensed Trade Charity provided useful advice and some financial support while he recovered, helping him back into a better place to return to work.

The charity’s free helpline can provide guidance on managing during an illness, right through to where to get additional support for more critical illnesses, such as cancer. Free counselling is also available.

Licensed Trade Charity support services manager, Carolyn Jenkinson, said: “Operators and their pub teams like the fact that we are an independent support offering. Our focus is on helping individuals back into work and on with their lives.”

For more information go to and click here to see Carolyn talk about the range of the charity’s services available to pub companies and their employees.

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