Cornwall-based start-up Jubel has added Coast, a crisp lager with the zing of grapefruit, to its product range.

Coast joins Alpine, which is cut with peach, and Urban, cut with elderflower, to form Jubel’s trio of gluten-free and vegan, sessionable craft lagers.

Jubel is crafted in Cornwall, with the purity of Cornish spring water giving a clean lager character, and Magnum hops round it off with a mild bitterness.

The lager is brewed to be dry and, when infused, results in a light-bodied and well-balanced taste that is unpasteurised to retain its freshness. Jubel delivers the refreshment of a fruit cider with the sessionability of a crisp lager, with the peach, elderflower or grapefruit character coming through initially, followed by a dry lager finish.

The beer is brewed at St Austell Brewery with the help of two-time UK brewer of the year, Roger Ryman. Jubel is committed to offsetting the carbon emissions from each beer it makes, keeping production lean with the sharing of St Austell’s facilities.

Jubel founder Jesse Wilson said: “I discovered a dangerously refreshing and sessionable beer tradition in the Alps that didn’t exist back home.

“When you want something refreshing, hop-forward beers can be too bitter and fruit ciders too sweet, so we set out on a mission to pioneer a new style of craft beer that is a more inclusive alternative, to make craft beer accessible to more people.”

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