Warwickshire’s Purity Brewing Company has racked up five medals from the 2018 International Beer Challenge (IBC).

Staying true to its name, Purity’s Pure Gold took gold in the British-style Golden Ales (4.1% to 5%) category, with Longhorn IPA, Lawless Lager and Mad Goose awarded silver in the New World-style IPAs, pale lagers, and British-style pale ales and bitters categories respectively.

Saddle Black, the brewer’s unfiltered hoppy black beer, took bronze in the black ale and black IPA category to round off the haul.

Purity managing director, Paul Halsey, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic to see such a wide range of our beers picking up medals at this year’s challenge, and we are especially proud to see Gold still winning competitions like these after a decade.

“It truly is testament to the team’s dedication to pure quality, so this one’s for the brew team and everyone involved with these great beers with real character.”

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