Gloucestershire’s Hillside Brewery has created a Beer Pilates Retreat, aimed an businesses in search of a unique team-building experience.

The day-long retreats revolve around a beer pilates workout, created specifically for the brewery by local Pilates expert, Samantha Lewis.

Brewery director, Paul Williamson, said: “No one likes the awkwardness of forced team building if they’re really honest, so we wanted to put a new kind of corporate retreat together that encourages bonding with a whole lot more fun thrown in.

Hillside Brewery“Everyone loves to unwind with a beer or two, so we thought we’d maximise the relaxation stakes by offering a retreat that combines our craft ales with an expert-led Pilates session, actually incorporating beer sampling into well-known Pilates moves.

“Anyone taking part needs simply to don their comfiest exercise gear, get into position and enjoy an invigorating Pilates session whilst sipping their favourite Hillside beer — alternating sips with water to maintain hydration levels, of course!”

Samantha said: “Pilates is all about controlled movements to improve strength, definition and flexibility, so what better way to increase the challenge than by having to look after a bottle of beer whilst you work?

“We’ve created a Pilates programme suitable for all fitness levels and capabilities to ensure that everyone can take part, incorporating a beer bottle into a variety of well-known and new moves to allow everyone to enjoy a swig whilst they stretch. Water will, of course, be on hand, too, keeping hydration levels topped up at all times.”

To find out more, visit the brewery website or call 01452 830222

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