Heineken has taken a minority stake in London’s Beavertown Brewery, but the size of the stake and its value have not been disclosed.

The new investment will support the creation of Beaverworld, a 125,000 square feet unit on six and a half acres of land, which will be a home to a brewhouse, visitor centre and flexible tank farm, among other facilities.

Beaverworld has been planned for two years, however costs had been rising. It was considered that the options were to shelve the project, or take on external investment, which is where Heineken came in.

In a personal blog, founder Logan Plant sets out the thinking behind the deal, and the red lines his team set to ensure the brewery retained a degree of independence.

He writes: “I continue to be the founder, CEO and visionary, leading the Beavertown charge, and the people you deal with here at the brewery are and will continue to be the dedicated Team Beaver. Heineken want to support us where we want it and otherwise leave us to get on doing what we do best.”

Read the full blog here

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