Hawkes has unveiled a rosé range. Doom & Bloom is fruity on the palate and tempered with a subtle sweetness, thanks to a mix of Gala, Braeburn, and Pink Lady apples, co-fermented with strawberry and rhubarb.

Hawkes founder, Simon Wright, said: “Hawkes is constantly on a mission to innovate and expand people’s perceptions of cider. The rosé trend has exploded in the US market over the last few years, so it made sense to us to experiment by bringing this delicious flavour to cider drinkers too.

“We’re tireless in our mission to push the boundaries of craft cider, challenging the norms, and creating new and exciting products for our customers.”

Hawkes has also secured an exclusive distribution deal with ASDA. The products will initially launch into 350 stores on May 21.

As well as ASDA, Doom & Bloom will be available in Youngs pPubs, all UK BrewDog bars and the Hawkes Taproom.

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