Sussex brewery Harvey’s has launched a new version of its website, which aims to create an improved user-friendly experience, as well as giving a clear insight into the company’s values.

Sales and marketing manager, Bob Trimm, said: “The new Harvey’s Brewery website reflects our company progress in the last four years. Harvey’s flagship brand, Sussex Best Bitter, has taken centre stage in the new design, and our beer pages are now a one-stop shop for all of our beer information, including Cyclops analysis, videos, and brewing history.”

“We are also pleased to reveal our collaboration with a number of food and drink experts, such as Pete Brown, Kenny Tutt, and Emma Inch, who have generously contributed food matches for our beers. We have highlighted three key areas of Harvey’s that differentiate us from other breweries: our exceptional history, our unique brewing process on a heritage site, and our environmental reverence and contributions.

“The new shop site has been created with our customers at the forefront more than ever before, where we look to provide better value offers on products and delivery, as well as an easier, quicker shopping journey.”

Working with O&G digital marketing agency, Harvey’s has improved user-end functionality on both its brand and shop sites, and streamlined navigation to aid customers wishing to make online purchases.

• The functionality of the Harvey’s Pub Finder phone app, which is due to be withdrawn, can now be found on the Harvey’s Pub Finder page, featuring Harvey’s pubs and direct, consistent stockists of its beers.

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