In an experiment that could be said to have revealed the bleedin’ obvious, it has been discovered that a pint beer glass with a handle will keep beer cooler than one without a handle.

Brewlab carried out the experiment on behalf of catering equipment supplier, Stephensons, who, coincidentally, are promoting a new handled Lantern Tankard.

Identical beer (a 3.6% IPA — you don’t see many of them, do you?) was poured into a Lantern Tankard and a nonic (non-handled) glass and, after 30 minutes the handled glass beer’s temperature was 14 degrees Celsius, compared to the nonic’s 20 degrees. After 50 minutes the temperatures were 17 and 24 degrees respectively.


pint glass

It’s proper science, as this illustration shows


If there is a surprise here, it’s that the difference in temperature was so great. I am reminded, though, of a bloke called Roger, from years ago, who is the only man I know who could take 50 minutes to drink a pint, in order to avoid paying for a round.

All this has reminded me, however, that as I enter my later years those handled pint glasses in pubs are suddenly looking more attractive. It could just be a phase, like that time I thought mustard coloured cords were a good investment, but I can picture myself at the bar with a handled glass, holding court on important issues of the day, like Brexit and Love Island.

Final word to Henry Stephenson, managing director of (presumably) family firm Stephensons who I can imagine being just the man for a pint jug. “We recently revived the 1920s/1930s lantern-shaped tankard in a bid to bring it back to Britain’s bars and pubs. The glass not only showcases the liquid, but also, as proven in our temperature test, improves the consumer’s entire drinking experience! 

“Beer is most commonly preferred at a cooler temperature, and the Lantern Tankard has shown to be the glass of choice to enhance that experience.”

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