Following 14 weeks of judging, the results of the Great Taste Awards have been released, providing a boost for the industry in the all-important run-up to Christmas.

Building upon the recent increase in trade for both regional food producers and retailers — one of the few good news stories during lockdown — the Great Taste results aim to help stimulate much-needed consumer support for independent retail and hospitality over the coming months.  

The results come later than usual, with lockdown delaying the judging of a record-breaking 12,777 entries from 106 different countries.

Congrautaltions from Beer Today to the award winner listed below.

Three-star rating, beers

Bespoke Brewing Co: Money for Old Rope (4.8% ABV), stout
Powderkeg Brewery: Speak Easy (4.3% ABV), American pale ale

Two-star rating, beers

Barsham Brewery: Norfolk Topper (3.8% ABV), bitter
Barsham Brewery: Oaks (3.6% ABV), bitter
Barsham Brewery: Stout Robin (4.6% ABV, stout)
Bragdy Cybi: Cwrw’r Bae (5.5% ABV), Belgian blonde
Damm: Complot IPA (6.6% ABV)
Damm: Voll-Damm (7.2% ABV), Marzen
Five Kingdoms Brewery: Captain Morrisons IPA (6.5% ABV), IPA
Five Kingdoms Brewery: Summerisle Session Ale (4% ABV), golden ale
Grey Trees Brewery: Caradogs Bitter (3.9% ABV), bitter
Grey Trees Brewery: Digger’s Gold (4% ABV), golden ale
Gun Brewery: Spin Drift (5.7% ABV), IPA
Hafod Brewing Co: Landmark (4.6% ABV), brown ale
Hanlons Brewery: Yellow Hammer (4.2% ABV), golden ale
Hercules Brewing Co: Yardsman Pineapple Haze NEIPA (5% ABV)
Hercules Brewing Co: Yardsman Tropical American Rye Ale (5% ABV)
House of Apres: Duette (11.5% ABV), biere de Champagne
Jiddler’s Tipple: Everyday (3.8% ABV), American pale ale
Lowlander Botanical Beers: Winter IPA (5% ABV), white IPA
Prescott Ales: Grand Prix (5.2% ABV), strong ale
Robinsons: Old Tom (8.5% ABV), old ale
The Hop Shep: Phoenix (5.2% ABV), porter
Two Cocks Brewery: 1643 Viscount (5.6% ABV), golden ale
Welbeck Abbey Brewery: Cavendish minikeg (5% ABV), blonde ale
Welbeck Abbey Brewery: Portland Black bottle (4.5% ABV), porter
Welbeck Abbey Brewery: Portland Black bottle (4.5% ABV), porter
Wriggly Monkey Brewery: Gullwing Lager (4% ABV)

One-star rating, beer

Aldi: Freak Aleworks Phantom Pale Ale (4.8% ABV)
Barsham Brewery: BOB (4.3% ABV), bitter
Barsham Brewery: Pilgrim’s Pale Ale (4% ABV)
Beerblefish Brewing Co: 1820 Porter (6.6% ABV)
Beerblefish Brewing Co: Pan Galactic Pale Ale (4.6% ABV), American pale ale
Bishop Nick: Heresy (4% ABV), golden ale
Brooklyn Brewery: Special Effects (0.4% ABV), lager
Chiltern Brewery: Bodger’s Barley Wine (8.5% ABV)
Chiltern Brewery: John Hampton’s Golden Harvest Ale (4.8% ABV)
Croot’s Farm Shop: Pig in a Bottle (4% ABV), pale ale
Drop Bear Beer Co: Tropical IPA (0.5% ABV)
Drynks Unlimited: Smashed Lager (0% ABV)
Fentiman’s: Gluten Free Alcoholic Ginger Beer (4% ABV)
First Chop Brewing Arm: Win (4.8% ABV), Vienna lager
First Chop Brewing Arm: Yes (0.5% ABV), gluten-free, non-alcoholic IPA
Friday Beer Co: Link IPA (5.8% ABV)
Goffs Brewery: Cheltenham Gold (4.5% ABV), golden ale
Grey Trees: Afghan Pale Ale (5.4% ABV)
Grey Trees: Valley Porter (4.6% ABV)
Gun Brewery: How’s The Serenity (4.4% ABV), New England pale ale
Gun Brewery: Numb Angel (4% ABV), lager
Gun Brewery: Project Babylon (4.6% ABV), pale ale
Hafod Brewing Co: Sunrise (3.8% ABV), pale ale
Hanlons Brewery: Port Stout (4.8% ABV)
Hanlons Brewery: Stormstay (5%), ESB
Hercules Brewing Co: Yardsman Craft Lager (4.5% ABV)
Hop Shed: Pekin (4% ABV), pale ale
Kettlesmith Brewing Co: Fogline (4.7% ABV), Belgian pale ale
Lacons Brewery: Encore (3.8% ABV), bitter
Lowlander Botanical Beers: 0.3% IPA
Lucky Saint: Unfiltered Lager (.05% ABV)
Many Hands Brew Co: Wing Fingers (4.4% ABV), session IPA
Nirvana Brewery: Bavarian Helles Lager (0.3% ABV)
Northbound Brewery: 08 Kölsch Style (5% ABV)
Northbound Brewery: Brandywell Brew (4% ABV), lager
Okell’s Brewery: 1907 (6.1% ABV), IPA
Purple Moose Brewery: Antlered IPA (5.2% ABV)
Purple Moose Brewery: Black Rock (4.2% ABV), stout
Purple Moose Brewery: Dark Side of the Moose (4.6% ABV), dark bitter
Purple Moose Brewery: Mwsh (4.7% ABV), Kölsch
Reunion Ales: Think Tank (4.6% ABV), session IPA
Small Beer Brew Co: Session Pale (2.5% ABV), table beer
Stroud Brewery: Budding (4.5% ABV), pale ale
Teme Valley Brewery: This (3.7% ABV), golden ale
Two Cocks Brewery: 1643 Musket (3.8% ABV), bitter
Two Cocks Brewery: 1643 Puritan (4.5% ABV), stout
Two Cocks Brewery: 1643 Roundhead (4.2% ABV), bitter
Untapped Brewing Co: Triple S (4.9% ABV), stout
Welbeck Abbey Brewery: Cavendish (5% ABV), blonde ale
Welbeck Abbey Brewery: Harley (4.3% ABV), pale ale
Welbeck AbbeyBrewery: Kaiser (4.1%), pale ale
Welbeck Abbey Brewery: Red Feather (3.9% ABV), American red
Wold Top Brewery: Ebb and Flow Swell (12% ABV), barley wine
Wold Top Brewery: Wold Gold (4.8% ABV), blonde ale

Three-star rating, cider

Fletchers Cider: 1802 Vintage (6% ABV)

Two-star rating, cider

Beard and Sabre: Dolores (4% ABV)
Crafty Nectar: No 7 (5.1% ABV)
Crafty Nectar: No 8 (4% ABV)
Crafty Nectar: No 9 (4% ABV)
Fletchers: Medium Sweet Cider (6.3% ABV)
Loxley Cider: Rosehip and Sloe (3.5% ABV)
Maison Sassy: Cidre Organic (4% ABV)
Sandford Orchards: Creedy Vintage (7.4% ABV)
Secret Orchard: Cornish Smooth (5.5% ABV)
Thirsty Farmer: Premium (6% ABV)
Wobblegate: Eden Cider (5% ABV)

One-star rating, cider

Cairn O’Mohr: Pictish Cider (0% ABV)
Celtic Marches: Abrahalls Vintage Cider (6% ABV)
Harry’s Cider Co: Original (6% ABV)
Long Meadow Cider: Blossom Burst Cider (4.5% ABV)
Kentish Pip Cider: High Diver (4.8% ABV)
Kilmegan Cider: Wild Elderflower Infused Cider (4% ABV)
Laycock: Cider (6% ABV)
Nightingale Cide Co: Nightbird Cider (4.9% ABV)
Oldfields: Applefresco (6% ABV)
Oldfields: Medium Sweet (4% ABV)
Perry’s Cider: Barn Owl (6.5% ABV)
Perry’s Cider: Redstreak (6.1% ABV)
Sandford Orchards: Rib Tickler (5% ABV)
Saxby’s Cider: Original (5% ABV)
Saxby’s Cider: Rhubarb Cider (3.7% ABV)
Seidr y Mynydd: Keeved Cider (7% ABV)
Ty Gwyn Cider Ltd: Kingston Black Medium (5.8% ABV)

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