Goose Island Beer Co has announced that it’s searching for a brewmaster to head up the brand’s new European Brewpub — set to open in London in late summer — and the job comes with some amazing perks.

Days will be spent brewing, innovating and tasting beer, and, according to the job advertisement on LinkedIn, the new recruit will be treated to generous ‘Goose Perks’, including a monthly beer allowance, free travel, courtesy of a Goose Island singlespeed bicycle, and an all-inclusive month-long trip to the homeland of Goose Island, Chicago. While there, not only will they be immersing themselves in the Goose Island culture, they will also be working with and learning from the team of expert brewers ahead of the London Brewpub’s opening.

The Brewpub, set to open in late Summer 2018, will offer beer from the brewery’s classic and award-winning range, including English-inspired style ales, barrel-aged stouts, dry-hopped IPAs, sours and lagers, as well as innovative small-batch brews crafted on site by the new Brewmaster. More details will be announced in the coming months.

Goose Island, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this May, is Chicago’s original craft beer brewery. The London Brewpub is the first in Europe and follows openings in the USA, China, Mexico, Korea and Brazil.

Ken Stout, president of Goose Island Beer Co International, said: “We’re searching for an experienced brewer with a big personality to become the face of our new Brewpub in London later this year. We’re pumped to get started and meet the candidates.

“We’ve been on an incredible journey here in the UK and are looking forward to this next chapter. We’re so flattered and excited about the reception that Goose Island beer has enjoyed in London and we want to continue to share and contribute to the incomparable beer culture in the UK. The new Goose Island Brewpub will give beer lovers a chance to enjoy our great range of beers, as well as small batch specialties brewed on site.”

Candidates can apply for the Brewmaster role at:

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