Genius Brewing Clarke Craig
Genius Brewing founders Jason Clarke and Charlie Craig

Genius Brewing is celebrating the second anniversary of its launch with investment from two drinks industry heavy hitters.

The company, founded by Jason Clarke and Charlie Craig, has received a significant investment from former Molson Coors global chief executive, Mark Hunter, and David Wither, founder and chairman of the Montpelier Group.

The brand which launched its Gen!us Craft Lager in April 2018, is continuing to grow thanks to the rising trend in healthier drinking, which saw UK sales of no- and low-alcohol beer grow £15.2 million in 2019.

Charlie Craig, co-founder and operations director at Genius Brewing, said: “Securing investment from two of the most respected figures within the drinks industry is a huge vote of confidence and a great way to celebrate a successful first two years.

“The Gen!us mission is to make healthier drinking a pleasure, not a compromise. Both Mark and David recognise that today’s consumers want a great beer that’s part of a healthy lifestyle.

“Of course, like every drinks brand, coronavirus has hit our on-trade business. However, we’ve quickly adapted to focus on our online channel,, where sales are rocketing.”

Mark, who recently retired as president and CEO after 30 years at Bass and Molson Coors, said: “There’s a lot of great work happening in the no- and low-alcohol space, and Genius Brewing is a brand that is paying attention to the evolving lifestyle changes of drinkers all over the world. Its light craft lager delivers on taste and allows drinkers to enjoy one of life’s pleasures without compromise.”

Montpelier Group’s iconic Edinburgh venues include Tigerlily and Indigo Yard. David Wither said: “I’ve seen huge changes in the beer industry since we started in the 90s. Craft beer has raised people’s expectations of flavour, but not everyone wants their strong ABVs and calorie content. I can see huge potential for Gen!us, especially when it launches in draft.”

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