Award-winning French microbrewery, FrogBeer, which was established by an Englishman, will making an appearance at Craft Beer Rising, in London, this month.

Paul Chantler’s beers will be crossing the Channel for the first time as a newly-expanded 2019 collection, alongside a few specials.

Founded in Paris in 1993, FrogBeer started life as a humble brewpub, The Frog & Rosbif, which has grown over the years into a small chain of a dozen bars, restaurants, and brewpubs.  

It opened a production brewery in 2015, and began brewing for trade sales outside the immediate Frog group. In the last few years the business has won more than forty awards at international brewing competitions. 

FrogBeer is now available nationally across France, in quality supermarkets and specialist shops and bars. The team are looking forward to the opportunity to meet potential distributors and importers at Craft Beer Rising.

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