Inspired by its collaboration with the Studio Olafur Eliasson Kitchen, Tate Eats has worked with Fourpure Brewing Co and Toast Ale to create Elemental: Cucumis Sativus.

It is a refreshing, tart beer that tackles food waste by utilising waste bread to replace malted barley.

The tasting notes were designed to accompany the Studio Olafur Eliasson Kitchen menu that is currently being served in Tate Modern’s Terrace Bar. This menu contains vegetarian dishes prepared with fermented vegetables and vibrant salads.

Andrew Downs, operations director at Tate, said: “This brew is particularly special because of its incredible sustainability message. We’ve chosen to work with Fourpure and Toast because not only do they make great beer, they also align with our own sustainability values.

“Fourpure is located in Bermondsey, which is just three miles from Tate Modern, and is industry leading in the way it has converted to packaging only canned beers, which is sustainable as all cans are infinitely recyclable, and Toast who are a brilliant organisation, hell bent on tackling the problem of food waste by brewing with it.”

The beer has a clean, crisp character with refreshing sourness, bright cucumber flavours and a smooth finish.

On every can there will be a QR code which anyone who buys the beer can scan and be taken to a short video about the brew, including behind the scenes footage of the hands-on process. 

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