Online retailer Flavourly asked its customers to come up with suggestions for a bespoke collection of beers and the results is its four new ‘democratic’ ales.

The Edinburgh-based Flavourly team analysed data from almost 140,000 reviews to identify the four most favoured styles of beer among its community, and then teamed up with Yorkshire brewery Bad Co who honed and brewed the final recipes.

Flavourly democraticFlavourly then ran an online competition for its beer fans to come up with the names, with the winners — Pillow Fight, Flamingo Juice, Electric Boogaloo, and Endless River — emerging from among 2,000 entries. The four winners will be rewarded with a case of the beer whose name they inspired.

Chief executive, David Moore, said: “We’re an online drinks tech company, so launching our own range of beers is an important step for us. We’d found a great and reliable brewing partner in Bad Co, but we wanted to involve our tens of thousands of beer fans. We felt creating a range of ‘democratic’ beers, designed by our community, was a great way to build a bridge between our business and our customers.”

He said that having almost 140,000 reviews on the website gave the team a unique insight into the community’s preferences and enabled them to profile which styles of beers customers liked best. “These beers truly are made by beer lovers, for beer lovers.”

Richard Sullock, of Bad Co Brewing, said: “BAD Co was delighted to be asked to be part of this unique project. We loved the innovative way the beer styles were chosen and it not only gave us the opportunity to put our creative brewing expertise to use, but to brew some truly unique beers.

“The crowd-sourced styles really gave us a great starting point on the flavours we wanted to see in the beers and meant we could develop some truly unusual recipes.

“Not only are the beers themselves fantastic, but also the names that were chosen, giving a nod to the unique flavours and ingredients in the beers, as well as getting across Flavourly’s fun and creative personality.”

The beers

Endless River (3.8% ABV), session IPA
A golden session IPA made with Centennial, Columbus and Summit hops, giving notes of tangy lemon and lime, with hints of pineapple.

Electric Boogaloo (4.5% ABV), lager
A crisp refreshing lager with a twist. Generous dry-hopping with Summit, Perle and Mosaic adds depth and flavour, with a juicy citrus bite.

Flamingo Juice (5.2% ABV), tropical pale ale
Low in bitterness and smooth with sweet malts, the beer uses Summit and Mosaic hops, giving waves of resinous pine, punchy papaya and juicy mango.

Pillow Fight (4.8% ABV), chocolate marshmallow porter
A dark, roasty porter, full of organic Peruvian cacao nibs and chocolate malts. An infusion of vanilla pods and marshmallow fluff adds a balanced sweetness to complement the subtle Herkules and Polaris hops.