Weird Beard / Hasbean: Heavy Fuel (5.3% ABV)

Weird Beard Heavy FuelA collaboration between a brewer and a coffee roaster, this beer was made for Good Beer Hunting’s Uppers and Downers festival, celebration the best in coffee beers. Haraaz Yemen Natural Tuffahi, Dawairi and Jaadi coffee beans are in the recipe, along with oats, beechwood smoked malt, and dark, fruity English Pilgrim, Minstrel and Bramling Cross hops. Comes with a “hearty dose of flavour” says Ales by Mail.

From Ales by Mail, in bottle, £2.64


DE14: End Point, The IPA (5.6% ABV)

I really enjoyed this new canned IPA from Marston’s small-batch DE14 brewery (named after the Burton upon Trent postcode). To me, it combines English IPA traits with American brashness — marmalade orange notes, but the hop has been ramped up, with hints of honeydew melon sweetness and a decent malt base, reminiscent of sweet breakfast pancakes.

Sharp’s: Offshore (4.6% ABV)

A new canned lager from the Cornish brewer that’s ideal for taking to the beach down here — I know, I’ve tried it. Straw / gold in colour, on the nose it’s peppery and inviting. The hops are spicy, fresh and fruity, with notes of mango, lychees, lemon rind, and even a bit nettley. Crisp and refreshing and ideal for the picnic basket.

Bath Ales: Lansdown (5% ABV)

Moor Italia'HopAvailable in bottle and on draught, this is at the lower reaches of ABV as far as I’m concerned when it comes to West Coast IPAs, but it’s a good brew and very drinkable. The aroma is resinous, slightly spicy, a little sulphury. On the palate, there’s resinous hop, hints of blood orange, grapefruit; plenty of bitterness, but a good biscuit malt base, too. Decent bitterness on a the finish.

Moor Beer: Italia’Hop Pale Ale (4.1% ABV)

New from Bristol-based Moor, this brew combines British malts with modern Italian hops. It’s described as a “highly sessionable ultra pale ale”.

From Honest Brew, in can, £2.59

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