After six years of rapid growth, Fallen Brewing, based in Stirling, is moving forwards with a strong commitment to the independent business and retail sectors.

Fallen and dog
Brewery founder Paul Fallen with Freddie the Vizsla

Widely stocked in a number of Scotland’s supermarkets, the brewery was in the early stages of a collaborative deal with Molson Coors to roll the brand out to bars and pubs nationally.

It has been an exciting period of fast growth. However, lockdown provided time to reflect, and it became clear that the team wanted to revisit its brand priorities of independence, autonomy, innovation, and finding like-minded customers.

So, 15th July 2020 became Fallen’s very own Independent’s Day. The day it opted to pull back from the supermarkets, cancel any further negotiations with Molson Coors, and focus wholeheartedly on the independent pubs, bars, and free houses, the specialist wholesalers, the beer shops, and the restaurants.

Founder, Paul Fallen, said: “At some point or another in the cycle of most growing businesses, a decision has to be made about how large you want the business to get, what risks you’re willing to take, and what sacrifices you’re willing to make to achieve these goals.

‘It feels like an opportunity for a fresh start’

“We started Fallen Brewing because we wanted to create the best quality beers we possibly can, using the best quality ingredients, to create maximum satisfaction for our customers. It is the independents who take care and interest in the quality, variety, and innovation of our beer range. The independents that share our very real passion for beer.

“It’s going to be a long road for many of us to rebuild our businesses after covid-19, but it feels like an opportunity for a fresh start. We’re looking forward to focusing on and working with the people and businesses that matter to us.

“Over the next few months, there are some exciting changes on the horizon. These include a brand refresh, which will be announced shortly, and a new small-pack format. Fallen Brewing has also invested in new equipment and updated the packaging processes to improve our beer quality even further.

“It’s all in the name of sending out the best quality beer we can make, and I can honestly say the canned beers are tasting better than ever.”

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Fallen cask

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