How Everards Meadows will look upon completion


Everards has announced plans to build a beer hall and a distillery at its new Everards Meadows site in Leicester, where construction work is now under way. As well as brewing favourite beers, such as Tiger, the brewer plans to distill gin, vodka, rum and sake.

The brewery hall will host tasting sessions, brewery tours and food and drink festivals and will have a capacity of more than 200.

Everards’ chief executive, Stpehen Gould, told the Leicester Mercury: “Because the new brewery will be more agile than the one we had at Castle Acres, I suspect we will be producing different styles and varieties of beers — alongside our main traditional styles — in addition to lots of different styles and varieties of spirits.

“We are still looking into distilling from our own beer — some distillers buy in the raw spirit and some produce from beer mash, so there will be more news on that to follow.”

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