Events: May 2020

Armchair BeerFestival

2nd May: Jane Peyton talking cider at the Love British Food online agriculture show, 4.30pm. Details on the show website

7th May: Billericay Brewing Co Quiz, online, of course, 7-9pm. No entry fee and no prize — just for entertainment and bragging rights! To enter, email by 4pm on 7th May.

8th May: Armchair Beer Festival, curated by Epic Beers. See preview

9th May: Virtual tour and tasting at Duration Brewing. See preview

12th May: IP-YAY Night with Thornbridge Brewery, 7.30pm, via the Thornbridge Twitter page. A space to talk all things IPA.

25th May: A virtual Bedrock Tour and Tasting event with Duration Brewery, 3pm. Details and tickets in the brewery’s online shop.

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