Specialist beer importer Euroboozer has strengthened its portfolio ahead of the summer months with a grand slam of taste rich, artisan beers from Ireland’s pioneering Carlow Brewing Company.

Set up in 1996, the Carlow Brewing Company is an independent Irish family-owned brewery and one of the forerunners of Ireland’s exciting, innovative and fast-moving craft brewing scene.

O'Hara's StoutLocated in the heart of the country, near to the traditional malt and hop-growing Barrow Valley region, the brewery’s award-winning O’Hara’s beers are being made available in 30-litre steel kegs, plus stylish 33cl and 50cl bottles.

The O’Hara’s beers will be supplemented with seasonal specials and are being targeted at pubs, restaurants, craft beer bars and quality beer retailers.

The trio of tipples launching initially are O Hara’s Irish Stout, Irish Red Nitro and Irish Pale Ale.

Euroboozer founder, Martyn Railton, said: “We’ve been huge fans of the authentic O’Hara brews for many years, so we’re incredibly proud to have these first three beers in our portfolio ahead of the summer. The brewery has been a linchpin of the craft beer scene in Ireland, and has built a formidable reputation for its quality approach to brewing.

“The Irish Pale is their best-selling beer in Ireland and the Stout is the brewery’s number one beer in export markets, closely followed by the Red, so we’re excited to see the reaction from the UK trade and consumers.”

Seamus O’Hara, founder and chief executive of the brewery, added: “For us at O’Hara’s, it’s all about the passion for great beer. With Euroboozer we have found a kindred spirit to work with and are delighted to be added to their curated craft portfolio.

“We look forward to growing our presence across the UK market and sharing our award-winning styles with craft beer enthusiasts.”

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