EeBriaTrade has launched pioneering online tap tendering technology, offering the national on-trade access to beers from more than 400 breweries at the touch of a button.

It gives sole landlords, beer buyers, procurement managers or event managers the ability to curate unique, craft beer-focused events in their venues, to drive sales and increase footfall with ease. It also ensures the event is not only a marketing but financial success, due to a competitive tendering process.

EeBriaTradeThe tendering allows pubs to request quotes for their upcoming calendar of tap takeover events, with the network of breweries proposing a beer line-up along with their best price. Pubs then choose their preferred options and EeBriaTrade will make it happen, shipping the beers from the brewery to the event location, wherever in the UK that happens to be.

As well as sourcing beers for meet the brewer and tap takeover events, there is an additional function of Tap Residencies, through which pubs can request quotes for dedicating a tap for a fixed period, and selecting the best offer put forward by the breweries, be that simply best price, or best fit for their tap line-up and customer base.

Using the Tap Residency option, pubs can now combine value and predictability with a real craft offering from quality small-scale producers. They can offer a real point of difference, with something new and interesting for customers, but also retain the advantages that come from volume purchasing.

For the 400-plus breweries listed on EeBriaTrade, the initiative gives them access to previously untouched markets and can bolster their beers both locally and nationwide, says the company. Traditionally, the tendering process can be a lengthy and time consuming one, however the use of tendering technology can streamline the procedure for both the pub and the brewery, making it easier and getting venues the freshest beer possible.

Additionally, this new technology allows the breweries to set their own pricing based on volumes, timings and specific requirements from the pub, ensuring they’re paid a fair yet competitive price for their beers.

EeBria Trade chief executive, David Jackson, said: “This initiative is a win-win for both our customers and for the breweries listed on our marketplace. Beer buyers and managers can take advantage of our huge brewery range and use the online tendering technology to seamlessly create and source an exciting, sales driving events calendar with extreme ease and in a cost effective manner.

“Meanwhile, breweries could find themselves across the country at a packed meet the brewer, with hundreds of pub goers drinking their beers whilst engaging with the local beer community.”

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