Dynamite Valley Goldrush

Dynamite Valley Brewing, at Ponsnaooth, near Falmouth, opens the doors to its regular Beer Café this afternoon and is now offering vegan-friendly beers.

It’s all about the finings. Many brewers use an addition of isinglass to make their beers look beautiful and clear. That, however, is made from, of all things, the swim bladder of a sturgeon and many vegetarians and vegans have been caught out by this. It is, pretty reasonable, to expect that beer is made from just water, hops, malt and yeast.

Now, Dynamite Valley has started to use a variety of finings called Brousel P Special to fine beers such as its TNT IPA, which will be available in the Beer Cafe this afternoon (noon until 5pm). There’s also somePioneer Orange Wheat Beer available, too, as well as a guest brew — Treen’s Cuckoo. Pasties and a roaring woodburner complete the picture.

It seems vegan finings make sense not only from a perspective of inclusivity, but also commercially, too. Dynamite Valley partner, and new dad of twins, Dom Lilly, tells me they’re “cheaper, last longer and we use less”. Which begs the question: why aren’t they an industry standard?

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