Drink Beer Think BeerAmerican journalist and editor John Holl hopes to enthrall newcomers and diehard hopheads with his new book, Drink Beer, Think Beer, to be published in the UK on October 11.

In the book, John asserts that to drink beer is easy. To think critically about beer is much more difficult. Drawing upon history, economics, interviews with industry insiders, and his own extensive knowledge, he provides a complete guide to beer today, encouraging readers to examine and more fully enjoy this amazing beverage.

Senior editor of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine, he was formerly the award-winning editor of All About Beer magazine.

The author of The American Craft Beer Cookbook, he’s judged beer competitions around the world, co-hosts the Steal this Beer podcast, and his work has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Wine Enthusiast. He lives in New Jersey.

• Drink Beer, Think Beer, will be published by Basic Books, in hardback, on October 11.

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