Driftwood Spars Brewery has smashed its crowdfunding target for a new pilot kit within 48 hours of going live.

Driftwood Spars team
Lou, Mike, and Tim, of Driftwood Spars Brewery

Head brewer, Mike Mason, said: “Lou, Tim, and I are absolutely buzzing. This new kit is going to open up so many opportunities. Between Tim and I we have ten recipe ideas already, not one even remotely similar to the last.”

As part of the Crowdfunder agreement, the fundraising campaign has to stay open for a minimum of a further two weeks, so Mike is looking at what additional funding can buy.

People can still pledge their support, with extra funds going towards kit which will enchance the pilot plant, such as:

  • A fruit press. These are primarily used for apples, but you can press anything soft with them. Think plums, cherries, oranges, and even oats to make oat milk. It’ll also help to process the seabuckthorn berries for Driftwood Spars’ seaberry saison. 
  • Barrels. The brewery has toyed with a couple of barrels over the last year and had some great results. They’re hoping to track down a cognac barrel and maybe one other to age some of the new beers in. 
  • A hop rocket. When transferring to the fermenter, a hop rocket gives an extra opportunity to blast the beer with another load of hoppiness. The brewery can also use this to add other flavours from ingredients such as spices and fruits. 

Find out more about the crowdfunder, and pledge, here.


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