Grimsby-based Docks Beers has released three new brews — a stout porter, a Belgian IPA, and a plum pastry sour IPA.

The stout porter is called Elbow Grease and carries on Docks Beers trend of naming beers in honour of the hard-working dockers.

Head brewer, Mike Richards, said: “It has a decadent blend of malts and Mount Rainier hops, which gives a rich and smooth mouthfeel with striking citrus and liquorice flavours.”

The Belgian IPA comes in at 6.6%% ABV and is a collaboration with Salt Beer Factory. Docks Beer director, Shaz Shaden, said: “We have called it Zeppelin Bend because it’s the name of a symmetrical and rock
solid end-to-end joining knot — one which would probably have been used on Grimsby’s Docks.”

Docks Heidi Plum

Senior brewer, Lewis Birch,added: “It’s a hybrid of Belgian yeast and hoppy IPA styles. Azacca and Waimea hops give a clean bitterness and flavours of spice and cloves. Light maltiness gives way to notes of caramel and toast, and then the beer has a dry finish, with a little lingering sweetness.”

Finally, the brewers have launched another beer made with Brew York. The plum pastry sour IPA is 6% and called Heidi Plum. Mike Richard describes it as a “very fruity and complex beer, filled with plum, lemon, vanilla, and almond notes, and hints of cardamom”.

All three beers are available from

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